GSTS is a global security, defense and military training company providing strategic solutions to multiple challenges such as rising crime, terror, border breaches and more by creating professional, customized security solutions that ensure your peace-of-mind.

In a world of rapidly evolving geopolitical change, GSTS is a company that understands how to respond to today’s acute threats and their consequences. In a world where there are changing missions, new responsibilities and an increasingly complex and dangerous environment, GSTS provides totally integrated security solutions for governments, law enforcement, military, prisons, strategic installations, airports ,major events, corporations and security-conscious individuals..

GSTS solutions are based on:


  • Consultation – threat assessment and risk analysis
  • Customized Strategic Planning – designed for your needs and your space
  • Creative Implementation - the right equipment, the right personnel, the right training


GSTS is committed to uncompromising service and ultra-high professionalism, which includes reliability, attention to detail, determination, integrity, availability and personal attention.

GSTS offers comprehensive packages of integrated security solutions that include:

  • Consultation and Professional Training
  • Effective Security Operations
  • Provision of Security Equipment
  • Information Protection

GSTS is approved by the Israeli Ministry of Defense and is licensed to sell and export security and defence equipment that requires an export permit issued by the Israeli government.