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GSTS was founded and is staffed by highly experienced security experts who are former operatives and veterans of the elite combat and intelligence units of the Israeli Defense Forces.


Due to its unique security situation, Israel is one of the leading authorities on security, intelligence gathering, and counter-terrorism. While on active duty, GSTS personnel acquired extensive knowledge and expertise in operations that entailed security and protection covering a wide variety of situations.  


GSTS experts have-in-depth knowledge and understanding of security logistics, acquired in real-life situations, that enables them to offer unmatched service and value to every client in every situation.

They bring field-proven experience, as well as innovative and resourceful responses no matter what the circumstances.


It is never possible to predict every threat, meaning that total security comes from the human factor, the ability to recognize early signs of danger and make critical decisions on the spot. This only comes from vast experience and intensive training.


GSTS experts have the experience and training that enables them to design, coordinate and execute the most effective protection strategy that meets each and every one of your security challenges in an efficient, cost-effective manner. 


  • Former security, intelligence and combat operatives

  • Field-proven experience

  • Highly trained

  • Innovative and resourceful

  • Able to design, coordinate and implement your security solution

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