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Every client is unique. GSTS works with you to analyze your unique situation to create an overall project that includes the right strategy, the right equipment and the right training.

Consultation begins with a feasibility study and evaluation that enables GSTS experts to create an integrated security concept and design that will best meet your needs.

Every security project is designed to meet the highest global standards.


Committed to Total Security

Professional  Training

GSTS provides custom security training programs to match the individual needs of its clients. From the training of private security experts and the creation of new special forces units, the client’s priorities come first. GSTS programs take advantage of the latest techniques and security strategies used by IDF professionals with years of active service in military and private sectors. Versatility and professionalism are the hallmarks of GSTS training design. 

Security Consulting


Security Consultation Options

  • Airport security
  •  Bank security
  •  Casino security
  •  Communication company security
  •  Hotel security
  •  IT security
  •  Maritime & seaport security
  •  Military organizations
  •  Petroleum & gas pipeline security
  •  Police organizations
  •  Railroad & underground railroad security
  • Security of buildings, factories, malls, etc.
  • VIP protection

    Details of Security Consultation Options

Airport security

  • Country-specific risk analysis based on local conditions
  • Prepared security plan for threats listed in the risk analysis
  1. Physical security installations for all areas of the airport
  2. Security procedures for securing passengers
  3. Use of technological systems for securing passengers
  • Personnel Training Programs
  1. Secure handling of passengers
  2. Security of aircraft
  3. Physical security of the airport

Bank security

Risk analysis & security plan establishment

  • Computer information & online security
  • Physical security measures

Casino security

Business-wide risk analysis & comprehensive security plan

  • Physical security parameters
  • Supervision, control, and monitoring of gambling halls
  • Security of money, chips, and cards during transport
  • Money counting & safe transfer to banks


Communication company security

Risk analysis & security plan

  • Fraud prevention measures
  • Physical security installation
  • Computer information security

Creation of a security control center to remotely safeguard all company websites

Hotel security

  • Risk analysis tailored to country of residence and prevailing safety conditions
  • Security plan developed from risk analysis
  • On request, risk analysis survey may include measures for loss prevention

IT security

  • Risk management planning
  • Information security controls
  • Network compliance
  • Identity & Access Management (IdM)
  • Security Event Management (SIM/SOC)

Maritime & seaport security

  • Port security plan that is compliant with international maritime regulations, the I.S.P.S. code
  • Risk analysis emphasizing crime (theft, smuggling, etc) with complementary security plan
  • Personnel training to create employee compliance with I.S.P.S. code
  1. Security officer training for ships
  2. Security officer training for ports
  3. Security officer training for shipping companies
  • Ship and ship fleet security plan compliant with I.S.P.S. code

Military organizations

  • Consultation on tactical and strategic levels
  • Formation of operational teams, squads, and units
  • Training and equipping of military units and personnel

Petroleum & gas pipeline security

  • Country-specific risk analysis with emphasis on crime and terrorism (destruction/sabotage of pipelines, theft of petroleum)
  • Security plan contingent on risk analysis
  • Recommendations for physical security installations for protection of infrastructure
  • Recommendations of different technological security systems to protect against threats specified by risk analysis survey

Police organizations

  • Consultation at tactical and strategic levels
  • Establishing operational units & command staff
  • Training and equipment for police units

Railroad & underground railroad security

  • Country and region specific risk analysis survey
  • Corresponding security plan from risk survey
  1. ​Conventional attack risks
  2. Unconventional attack risks
  • Recommendations for security measures for:
  • Surface railroad stations
  • Underground railroad stations
  • Railroad tracks
  • Tunnels & tunnel entrances/exits
  • Maintenance areas & overnight parking lots

Security of buildings, factories, malls, etc.

  • Country & city specific risk analysis
  • Security plan tailored to address threats specified in risk analysis
  • On request, risk survey may relate to loss prevention and other parameters as desired by client

VIP protection

  • Complete and holistic executive protection (EP) program
  • Home, office, and travel security planning and execution
  • Formation of elite EP and VIP teams


GSTS provides consultation, training, and seminars on a number of other security topics, including:


  • Counter terrorism seminars
  • National & Homeland security seminars
  • Security agent training
  • Business security & intelligence
  • Foundation of intelligence gathering units for military & police organizations
  • Maritime & seaport security seminars
  • Employee screening seminars

All contracts are handled with a premium on confidentiality, discretion, and convenience. Contact GSTS for additional details and opportunities.


GSTS provides a fast, reliable response to any security requirement based on your budget and requirements.

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