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Fighting Crime & Internal Security



Civil prosperity and safety are the most important tasks of governments. In the 21t century, there is a large and growing war between internationally organized terror and crime factions and nation states. Repercussions of the conflict are vast, with threats to undermine an increasingly globalized economy. Intelligent internal security measures are called for which protect people from harm while preserving their right and liberties. GSTS provides internal security solutions that accomplish this.


GSTS has among its expert staff and consultants several people of senior rank that served in various anti-crime units from criminal enforcement and security technologies to intelligence gathering and special operations. GSTS performs an initial survey to create a picture of the situation, enabling rapid understanding of relevant information and the availability of all alternative solutions for the client. GSTS also performs elite training for the upgrading of existing units or forming of new ones to combat terrorism, crime, and drug trafficking.


Police Intelligence


  • The Israeli Intelligence Basic Coverage System, used for agent recruitment and operation, along with advanced study of the principles of intelligence gathering and use.
  • Digital intelligence gathering technologies, including listening devices, “bugs”, hidden cameras, transmitters, etc.
  • Police technologies: laboratories for identifying suspicious objects, communications networks and mobile police com systems, creating central call center(s) for civilian emergencies, officer protection gear, and other technologies.
  • Training of interrogation units and undercover interrogation units.
  • Establishing police academies and training modules for fighting terrorism, rescuing hostages, and solving crime.
  • Techniques for dealing with sabotage, IOD, EOD, emergency driving.
  • Training in how to conduct security background checks and polygraph tests.


International terrorism and domestic insurgencies are the most pressing threats of the 21st century, threatening global political and economic stability. Nations grapple with expert organizations with aims to undermine stable governments.


Being able to stop crime and terror organizations requires exceptional organizational capabilities along with experienced management and leadership.

GSTS staff has the special skills and personnel it takes to find and disrupt organized international terrorist groups and criminal cells.

GSTS counters these threats by utilizing two complementary approaches: intelligence and operational capability.




The intelligence gathering field creates special challenges in a modern digital world awash in information and disinformation. Having the right staff and training makes all the difference in collecting and filtering information.


GSTS is able to provide and train intelligence units for various missions:


  • Establishing agents and informants, recruiting techniques and teaching the theories of field agent operation and recruitment.
  • Advanced technology procurement and use: eavesdropping equipment, reconnaissance and remote sensing technologies, tracking gear, surveillance software, etc.
  • The founding and training of interrogation units with modern interrogation techniques.
  • Set up of laboratories for identification of dangerous objects (drugs, explosives, bio-weapons, hazardous chemicals, etc).
  • Communication networks and mobile police radio technologies, creation and maintenance of central call center(s) for civil emergencies. 
  • Setting up and standardizing field techniques, operational planning, Intel analysis, threat assessment, threat monitoring, etc.
  • For agents who have to operate in Arabic-speaking countries, GSTS offers training to intelligence personnel to read and write Arabic and learn about Islamic culture from some of the best professors in Israel.




GSTS provides training for military units and the testing and improvement of existing units in the following skills:


  • "Hot" breaching of buildings, such as the use of explosive devices, rams, and other technological solutions.
  • Silent breaching techniques and technologies.
  • Negotiation training in hostage situations.
  • Marksman training for snipers, K-9 teams for training, dogs in operational use.
  • Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) training, personal hand-to-hand combat, urban warfare tactics and training.


GSTS operations staff have served in anti-terrorism and anti-crime units in the IDF. They are highly trained and have an abundance of experience, with firsthand knowledge of the most effective anti-terrorism and anti-crime approaches and techniques. Many employees are inactive or active duty veterans of the IDF’s special police units and intelligence agencies.




GSTS is able to provide every item required in the field of operations:


  • Breaching ordinance and explosive entry kits for buildings, obstacles, strongholds, etc.
  • Silent breaching and stealth technologies.
  • Climbing and rappelling equipment.
  • Special equipment, weapon sights, gun silencers, night vision goggles, binoculars, etc.
  • PPE - Personal protection equipment.
  • Surveillance and eavesdropping cameras, transmission tech, monitoring equipment
  • Complete communication technologies (jamming equipment, encoding/scrambling gear).
  • Robots & robotic devices, electronic scouting technologies.
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles, remote controlled drones.
  • Personnel contact combat training equipment.