Human Resources

To prepare for future security challenges and take the lead in the ever-changing global security environment, GSTS has established an elite reserve of Israeli and International security manpower.

GSTS contracts a reserve of elite security and defense personnel in Israel, including thousands of professionals from many security backgrounds.

This versatile configuration allows us to make immediate responses to any professional security service needs, with client confidentiality guaranteed.


Interested in joining the GSTS security team?

Please fill out the form to the right, attach your CV, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Our team is based on experts and specialists from:

  • IDF & Special Forces Units
  • Elite Police Units
  • Secret Service & Operational Governmental Bodies

Available Security Professions:

+  Combat and Military Instructors                                       +  Aviation Security Personnel

+  Safe City Experts                                                                +  Project Managers

+  Medical Experts – Medics/ Paramedics                           +  Maritime Security Personnel

+  Security Managers                                                             +  Security Agents

+  Counter Terrorism Academic Experts                             +  Risk Mitigation Managers

+  Security Specialists                                                           +  Special Missions

+ Sensitive Facility Security Personnel                              + IT & Cyber Terrorism Experts