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Information Security


GSTS recognizes the very real threats inherent in voice and data communications and provides safe, secure and cost-effective tools that turns PCs, laptops, and phones into end-to-end encrypted communication devices.


GSTS has the tools to prevent electronic eavesdropping and thwart all attempts at bugging and fishing.


GSTS eliminates risks of information leakage by using electronic blanketing and jamming techniques and authentication of documents.


GSTS also provides safe, secure data storage on servers based in Switzerland.



GSTS can provide many effective solutions for different type of information security, including:

  • Many forms of PKI Systems
  • Secure Workstations & Access Systems
  • Verifying and Authenticating Digital Signatures
  • Digital Signatures for Home-Banking


The objective of GSTS is to make all information security solutions simple to use and affordable, from private users to governments, small and large. These products and services integrate seamlessly into existing systems without conflict, allowing rapid and successful operation under any conditions.

The systems support modern security standards like Microsoft’s cryptographic API and PKCS#11.


Information protection is necessary for preserving the secrets of the modern private and public sectors. Governments, banks, insurance agencies, healthcare, defense corporations, and industry all require confidential information that mandates secure exchange and handling of data. GSTS provides effective solutions to match any client’s needs.


Types of PKI Systems


Different clients have different needs and require different solutions. GSTS provides a wide range of solutions, including:

  • High memory smart cards, with private storage of keys
  • Convenient and compact USB tokens
  • Cordless smart cards that can identify thousands of users
    per server.

These technologies allow a PIN entry environment that is protected from unauthorized access. They support all forms of Microsoft authentication and can also function as authenticators for different operating systems.


All systems support modern cryptographic standards and protocol, allowing swift and simple integration with any other security programs.

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