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Information Security

Today’s communication technology and the increasing use of digital data have created new and challenging security issues.


The ability to breach secured areas and access classified databases via mobile telephony and the internet makes it necessary to provide premium solutions based on extensive knowledge of sophisticated information systems.


GSTS specializes in providing professional consultation and implementation of comprehensive information security solutions to deal with the diverse threats in this area.


GSTS offers state-of-the-art solutions that are user-friendly and enable easy access to technical and logistical management of the information security layout, all in accordance with the client's special requirements and allocated budget.


GSTS solutions encompass PKI encryption technology for both mobile telephones and digital data. Mobile encryption solutions encompass not only individual telephone conversations, but can be extended to telephone control centers.

Information solutions include storing data on an external servers located in a protected, neutral country, Switzerland. 



Information Security Services Include


  • Analysis


Appraise risks from technological threats, using tools for identification, assessment, and grading.

Test to establish the security of an organization’s operational information systems.


  • Monitoring


Company hardware and software monitoring allows for rapid adaptation of analysis to different regulatory standards (Superintendent of Insurance, 357, etc).
Easily reference organizational controls (technological, operational, and administrative) while having convenient oversight over infrastructure servers, applications
, programs, and other media components.


  • Controls


Permission management tools allow for effective control, collecting information data that traces patterns of use, exploitation of data, and the transparency of data management. Uses include configuration of control permissions for accessing data, documenting use of intelligence data, mapping data ownership, integrity and monitoring data, etc.


  • Outsourcing

Employee outsourcing mobilizes personnel with experience and knowledge in information security, calling on a vast reserve of digital defense industry firms. GSTS employees undergo routine, constantly updated training to always be on the vanguard of technology, team cooperation skills, and professionalism.

  • Security Breach Testing

GSTS personnel can make attempts to disable, bypass, or dismantle system security on client servers. Thorough investigation is conducted to expose all digital vulnerabilities, followed by detailed reports and advice for correcting weak points, with step-by-step guidance.  Create an effective defense against hackers and other online security threats, with the objective of providing the best quality service to the client.

  • Consulting for Virtual Infrastructure

Streamline and organize the client organization’s work efforts, saving money, resources, and time. Incorporating multiple systems with essential sharing and communication services creates virtual infrastructure that increases organizational efficiency. Virtual infrastructure provides challenging security risks, which GSTS personnel address with extensive guidance and assistance to ensure all system infrastructure is robust and reliable.

  • Consulting for Network Architecture

Rapid integration of advanced technological processes, including NAC, SIEM, PKI, IDM, and VoIP systems implementation, all being essential for cohesive operation of organizations. Balancing network integration and information security can be difficult to accomplish. Consultants provide all the information needed to design and create every step of the application process to allow for swift and secure network structures that avoid unexpected changes and errors.

  • Planned Development of Software Architecture

The earliest stages of software planning should involve security applications and integration of information systems in their design. This greatly eases program development and use, avoiding future changes and repairs and warding against logic vulnerabilities in program code. GSTS consultants adhere to best practice standards for software architecture applications, using a security development process (SDL) from initial planning stages to distribution and production.


  • Product comparison and tailoring


Many products are available in dozens of different versions with few differences between them, often undetectable to the untrained eye without extensive study of program code or product security functionality. This makes selecting the right product to meet an organization’s needs and budget difficult. GSTS personnel understand this and provide customized assessments to best match the client organization’s needs.


  • Continuous customer support and guidance


GSTS provides continuous advice, consultation, and guidance on information security management and products to client organizations. Full coverage of technical and policy issues are offered; employees have the skills and know-how to provide holistic and objective analysis and assistance for any information security projects or products, including testing, security breaching, regulation compliance, hardening, system analysis, etc.




GSTS is the exclusive representative of InfoBank in Israel. In the field of information security, InfoBank has a reputation for developing the most reliable and secure knowledge management systems known today.


The "InfoBank RSA SecureID" system is an easy, progressive system for management and security of confidential information.

Data is stored on a protected, external server that enables the client to open an account in the name of any private or public body (offshore companies as well), without the need to identify the names of information owners or beneficiaries.


Access to the account is secured using the most sophisticated identification and encryption methodology, identifying the user by the anonymous mechanism of a RSA SecureID, which secures the information of thousands of companies and organizations around the world.


In addition to prevent access to information, the "InfoBank Panic Button" enables an immediate emergency disconnection of the servers and blocks access from any telephone or internet connection when there danger of inappropriate access to sensitive or classified information.


When the system is activated, all access is automatically blocked, and can only be renewed only after a thorough security inspection.


GSTS also secures and encrypts email using a secure email server in Switzerland and provides software that encrypts and protects FTP transfers of large files using SSL or SSH protocols (or by VPN client), while bypassing regular email channels.


The GSTS solution supports encryption via "VPN Secure Tunnel" communication channels. The VPN, Virtual Private Network, has become the standard for IT is used as a secured and private network between the client and server.


The system enables users to create and use a virtual encrypted network in Switzerland in a way that is impenetrable and does not leave tracks.


•        Protection for telecom communication
          and data systems


•        Security for large scale office systems

•        Military-grade information security including
         encryption and digital signatures


•        Secure email, FTP transfers and data storage


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