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Maritime security


GSTS’s maritime security division has extensive experience providing integrated security solutions, operational support and strategic advisory services to the global maritime sector.


Security at sea and in ports is central for the world economy. Recent increases in weapon smuggling and international piracy have created a pressing need for vigorous and innovative security solutions.

Threats of smuggled explosives, chemical weapons, and dirty bombs (bombs that spread radioactive material) present even graver national security concerns.

GSTS supplies advanced, integrated solutions to maritime security, from smart fences, fence-mounted cameras, and long-range surveillance cameras to video analysis and information management control software.

GSTS’s maritime technological solutions are high quality and tough, made to be used in the harsh conditions of the field, withstanding severe temperatures, wind, water, salt, and corrosion.


Our maritime security services include:

Security audits:

GSTS carries out audits of vessels, ports or port facilities in order to identify physical and technical security requirements and then make recommendations. 

Technical security consultancy:

GSTS carries out technical surveys of vessels, ports, port facilities and offshore energy platforms. We then provide recommendations and can install technical equipment to complement security plans.

Equipment procurement support:

GSTS leverages significant relationships with specialist equipment suppliers to enable clients to fulfil equipment needs, in support of Maritime Security endeavours

International Accreditation:

GSTS Maritime Security operates within clear Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), in turn derived from stringent International Laws, Codes of Conduct and Industry-recognised regulations


GSTS Maritime Command Staff


GSTS’ maritime security department is headed by former senior Israeli naval commanders.

With many years of experience and several security operations to their credit, GSTS provides only the most highly qualified personnel to any maritime security operation.
The combination of the command staff’s professional hands-on experience and academic accomplishment means they are able to assess and create the optimal security solutions to ensure client safety.


Commercial Cruise Liner Security Service

The security needs for commercial cruise ships, with their thousands of passengers, offers unique challenges to maritime security forces, placing an emphasis on fluid response and adaptable security policies.

The quantity of passengers, size of the vessel, and layout of the ship mandate a comprehensive security plan that can accommodate any sort of emergency.

Different cruise liner companies may demand concealed carrying, armed security personnel, while others would want unarmed security personnel.


GSTS understands the differences between these security paradigms and realizes that different security problems need different solutions – solutions that mandate teams trained with versatility in mind.

GSTS can provide experienced security teams suitable for all kinds of cruise liner security; from former IDF Navy Seals who served as cargo vessel security staff to crews that have provided security for government envoys.

As an accessory service, GSTS can provide security escort for passengers disembarking from a cruise liner for the beach to ensure their safety whilst not on the vessel.


On Board Security Service

GSTS can embed crack security teams amongst a client’s crew to protect vessels from threats.

The security team functions independently of the vessel crew and has other responsibilities; however the team works fully and cooperatively with the captain of the client’s ship.

The ship captain remains the authority on the ship and the security team commander is subordinate to him or her.

The mission of GSTS on-board security has a dual nature: to protect the vessel and crew to the best security standards and allow the crew to perform their jobs with minimal disruption, allowing them to work efficiently while being secure. GSTS security teams work in shifts, 24/7, for the entire duration of a journey to monitor, report, and address suspicious occurrences and dangerous situations.

Executing an effective security operation involves gathering information, threat detection methods and technologies, and comprehensive surveillance.

GSTS is in constant contact with risk analysts and security companies for up-to-date information on maritime attacks and piracy threats.

The GSTS security team offers a wide variety of maritime services, including evacuation procedural training and medical treatment, staff training, and various lectures and drills for preparedness in different emergency situations.

Each security team is composed of a commander and medic, with additional members available as required.

GSTS staff is highly skilled in weapon use and naval security, while also being highly proficient at incorporating their military expertise to a civilian shipping environment. Personnel are trained to be low-key and blend into the natural rhythms of the ship, maintaining composure even in dangerous situations.

This allows them to conduct their tasks with efficiency and convenience, making it seem like they weren’t even there.

GSTS On board security teams may be armed or unarmed, depending on their client’s desires. Unarmed security service may involve the use of high-powered water guns to hinder piracy raids, as well as machines that simulate gunfire and explosions to deter potential threats.

Armed security services involve GSTS crew carrying lethal weapons that are legal, registered, and only used for defensive purposes.

GSTS uses a R.U.F. (Rules for the Use of Force) policy to regulate its lethal weapons engagement protocol, which is approved by all relevant governmental and private authorities and is delivered to the shipping and insurance companies as well as the ship captain before security officers are sent. All GSTS crews also receive Krav Maga training and are experts in hand-to-hand combat.


Armed Escort Vessel Service

GSTS offers two security options for vessel escort:


+ Rapid response boat operating from the mother ship

+ Rapid response boat operating from land or an accompanying ship


GSTS’ rapid response boats are equipped with the latest in communication and radar equipment as well as machine guns.

Each boat has a crew of 4-5 personnel (vessel commander, machine-gunner/s, paramedic/combat medic, driver, radio operator)

A rapid response boat operating from the mother ship is lowered into the water, if necessary, with the use of a custom crank mechanism.

At constant readiness, it only requires 60 seconds from the moment a team is called to man the boat until the boat is waterborne.


Rapid response boats operating from land or accompanying ships is advised for clients who prefer a security team that isn’t on the mother ship, such as vessels carrying sensitive cargo like explosives, arms shipments, oil, hazardous chemicals, toxic waste, platforms, etc.

Incorporating a rapid response boat into a security plan has the effects of removing potential threats from coming within range to damage the protected vessel, creating valuable time and distance, while opening up the ability to flank and provide protective fire from different angles.

For efficient coordination, GSTS places a liaison officer amongst the crew of the mother ship to communicate with the escort boat.


Offshore Platform Security Service

Oil is the most important fuel source in modern times. Conflicts have been waged throughout the past few centuries over trade and use of oil, demonstrating its significance to the international economy. The price of oil in recent times has reached record highs, as much of the Earth’s oil remains offshore or in politically tumultuous areas.

Dangers and risks associated with exploring for, extracting, and transporting oil are huge and growing.

Economically, the cost of offshore oil operations is expensive, with damage to the platform risking net loss in profits and also risking massive damage to any surrounding ecosystem. However, the high risk and cost of offshore oil operations promise gigantic potential rewards.

The GSTS platform security service enables oil companies to tend to their business with excellent protection against costly and crippling risk factors.

Within the GSTS team are some of the most professional and skilled individuals that have worked in platform protection.

As private employees, GSTS personnel and contractors have protected platforms in the past are among the most experienced in the field in this form of maritime security.


Platform security is a relatively novel service worldwide. When it is necessary to protect these expensive investments, it is imperative to make the best choice: the GSTS security team.


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