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Safe City

Criminality, vandalism and terrorism – all require state-of-the-art solutions that enable the security forces to monitor and prevent such events, ensure public safety and assist in the investigation process, when such events occur.


City safety has become a complicated mission. The many departments that are in charge of safety and security, the need for coordination and surveillance, all require secured and reliable solutions.


GSTS offers state-of-the-art solutions of CCTV surveillance, combined with LPR systems, high video analytic solutions to allow surveillance and monitoring of various crimes in city centers or any sensitive area.


•        Urban  crime prevention

•        Emergency Preparedness and Management

•        Disaster Recovery

•        Communication and Command Center technology

•        Enhanced technologies for police forces

•        Training and equipment for
          special law enforcement units (SWAT, etc.)

•        Advanced  surveillance technologies


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