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Executive Protection Training Course


Course Training Benefits


Learn the field proven techniques to keep your clients and team safe

Realistic live-fire tactical training

Thorough, effective Krav Maga training designed for EP situations

Learn from seasoned instructors with international operational experience

Learn techniques used by Israel’s official protection agencies adapted for the private sector

Learn from Israel’s leading training security company, GSTS Ltd.

Network with the international security community

Successful graduates of the course will receive a certificate from GSTS Ltd.


The 2012 GSTS Executive Protection course consists of the following modules:


Week 1 – Firearms training, security procedures, and introduction to executive protection


Knowing your weapons: disassembly, maintenance, reassembly

Weapon safety: carry, grip, and use techniques

Ballistics behavior: internal, external and final ballistic effects

Gripping and aiming: one and two handed techniques

Drawing and cocking: one and two handed techniques

Running in combat and tactical halting maneuvers

Clearing a weapon jam under stress

Firing weapons from cover

Real time decision-making training

Choosing the right path for fight or flight when under attack

Establishing dynamic, real time priorities

Winning the initiative: how to gain the life-saving tactical advantage during confrontation

Hand-to-hand combat training (Israeli Krav Maga for EP)

Principles of Close Quarter Battle (CQB) fighting

Tactical First Aid Training I

Introduction to tactical principles and procedures of Executive Protection


Week 2 – Executive Protection Operational Training Stage I


Securing the client in all circumstances: when walking, at client’s home, during public events, while driving, etc

Working security in pairs: how to work and coordinate with a partner

Tactical First Aid Training II

Tactical drills for both routine and emergency scenarios

Advanced firearm drills (EP related)

Advanced Krav Maga Martial Arts Training for EP


Week 3 – Executive Protection Operational Training Stage II


Threat analysis and vulnerability assessment

The attacker’s Modus Operandi (MO)

Managing and planning the advance of an EP assignment

Executing the advance of an EP assignment

Securing the area prior to executive & VIP arrival

Searching for, finding, and dealing with explosives, suspicious objects, traps

Planning emergency evacuations and preparing escape routes

Liaison with third party groups

Tactical First Aid Training III

Appropriate Client Interactions: do’s and don’ts

Proper equipment for the EP professional

Tactical drill training covering both routine and emergency scenarios


Requirements for the course:


The training course was developed for intelligent, self-motivated individuals, from beginners to veterans, who are in good physical condition. The course is well suited for members of private and public sector security organizations and is open to both men and women.


English – The course will be taught in English.

No prior weapons experience needed

Good physical fitness level (see details)

Applicants must be 21 years old or older.

No criminal record.

Applicants must be able to travel to Israel (valid passport/visa, etc.)


Course materials provided:


Accommodation for the duration of the course

Up to 4 trainees per bedroom

3 meals a day

2 weekend guided tours

Course specific insurance

All equipment required for training (Krav Maga, Firearms, Bullets, Clothing, etc.)

Everything that is required for the course; there are no hidden costs.


Not provided by the course:


Airline tickets

Personal travel insurance

To successfully complete training, attendees need to pass a certification exam covering the contents of the course.