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Tactical medical solutions

GSTS’s tactical medical division has extensive experience providing integrated security solutions, operational support and strategic advisory services to Military, Law Enforcement and Security teams.

GSTS has experience working with Humanitarian Organizations as well as Search and Rescue forces.


The demand for tactical medical care is on the rise. In response to this, GSTS created their tactical medical division to provide tailored medical supplies and solutions to clients with specialized security needs and concerns. GSTS paramedics are veterans of the Israeli Special Forces, giving them unmatched experience and knowledge of tactical medical treatment.


The GSTS tactical medical division has experiences that include:


  • Teaching tactical medical training on a global scale
  • Providing medical consultation to a variety of private and public organizations
  • Supplying medical equipment to militaries, public agencies, corporations, and governments.
  • Offering medical expertise to  SWAT, VIP protection, and special forces organizations.
  • Certifying and training medical units for military organizations
  • Medical escort services and VIP protection for celebrities, executives, and business personnel.
  • Directing international medical projects and sharing cooperative research.




The differences between tactical medical delivery on the battlefield and the civilian environment are many.

GSTS's consultant services offer a broad range of answers to operational units in and outside of combat situations.

With leading experts in the tactical medical fields, GSTS consultants are highly qualified to provide the necessary solutions in unit preparation for medical emergencies.

Organizations from police and military units who have fully incorporated the methods and procedures of tactical medicine have experienced considerable improvement in the survival rates of their units. Thorough application of TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) techniques have resulted in 20% greater survival rates for personnel experiencing potentially lethal injuries.

GSTS also provides Medical Risk Assessments (MRA's) for military, police, close protection and other security units.

Throughout the assessment process, GSTS establishes training programs, simulation centers, and battlefield medical procedures  that match client needs and demands.




The GSTS Training Division has created several training programs to explore modern terrorism and warfare scenarios.

The program instructors have years of experience and are authorities within the tactical medicine community.

All offered programs and courses are modeled off of real-life case studies and scenarios representing the newest developments in the tactical medical field.


GSTS offers the following training courses:

  • Basic Tactical Medicine
  • Advanced Tactical Medicine
  • The GSTS Tactical Medical Training System


GSTS training uses simulation programs that demonstrate real-life scenarios.

Increasing demand for these programs means GSTS instructors provide a variety of simulated scenarios specific to client interests and requirements.


GSTS instructors adhere strictly to TCCC protocols and use the most modern equipment and technology in the tactical medical field.

They bring extensive, individualized experience from the special operations, medical operations, and close protection fields.

Effective training has been shown to increase survivability from serious injuries in units up to 20%.

Trainees will increase their personal confidence as they treat simulated real injuries that  they are likely to encounter on the battlefield.




Paramedic Recruiting and Deployment – GSTS has strong connections to the IDF's elite paramedics units and provides recruiting, screening and staffing for missions around the world.

Company staff  includes paramedics from both the military and civilian sectors, allowing GSTS to provide all types of services to meet any client requirements.

All types of clients are supported; from private security firms, large corporations, and medical companies to VIP personnel requiring paramedic service, GSTS can  assign highly trained paramedics suitable for any client's needs. Before being deployed, GSTS paramedics will prepare themselves in Israel to address the specific requirements of the client.

There are many advantages to employing private paramedics, as their specialized skills create additional layers of safety.

Some of the specializations and certifications paramedics can bring to an organization or individual include Pre-Hospital Trauma

Life Support (PHTLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).

GSTS paramedics have a great deal of experience giving medical aid in dangerous situations, from maritime security operations and sensitive facility monitoring to close protection emergencies.

The GSTS paramedic team consists of active and reserve IDF military personnel. Some staff are operatives in their units reserve force while others work daily in civilian emergency situations nationally and internationally.




GSTS is able to provide every kind of tactical medical equipment.

The range of medical solutions GSTS provides customers are in accordance with the developing changes in modern warfare.

GSTS develops custom-tailored medical kits for medics, paramedics, agency operatives and operational doctors.

With years of experience in battlefield medicine, the GSTS equipment and technology department delivers the best solutions to address the challenges our clients encounter in their missions.


GSTS supplies its products to the following organizations and sectors:

  • Governments and government agencies
  • Police Forces and Special Operations Units
  • Humanitarian organizations and non-governmental organizations
  • Corporate Sector staff
  • Private Sector staff