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GSTS trainers are exceptionally proficient in each and every facet of their work. Their proficiency is based on years of practical hands-on experience in the field. Our trainers can teach how to handle combat situations, urban terrorism or international relief efforts in catastrophic situations.

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Counter-terrorist techniques


GSTS personnel have years of counter-terrorism experience. Training involves the two types of counterterrorism activity; surveillance and engagement. Students learn how to set up technological surveillance measures such a screening devices, video cameras, and metal detectors. Active engagement techniques learned in the program include procedures for making arrests, raids against terror cells and structures, espionage, and other military actions.

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Urban Defense and Protection


Threats against politicians, executives, and other important figures are more immediate than ever. GSTS offers rigorous training that focuses on providing skills and procedures for dealing with real life threats and situations, offered by Israeli military professionals with combat experience.

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SWAT Training


SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) teams have become vital in combating acts of terrorism on the home front. Applicants will receive training in a variety of essential anti-terrorism skills, such as CQB tactics, hostage negotiation, fast roping, stealth tactics, and more. Training will place a premium on versatility, preparedness, and immediate response to acts of violence.

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Security of Sensitive Installations


CIP (Critical Infrastructure Protection) is essential to any company, municipality, or government. Commercial and industrial facilities are vulnerable to crime, theft, and sabotage. Training provides the latest technologies and methods for securing essential areas like water treatment plants, petrochemical factories, warehouses, and electrical stations.

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Airport and Seaport Security


Airports and Seaports are the lifeblood of international trade and travel. GSTS training focuses on providing the best perimeter and internal security technologies and procedures. Identification of first responder location and tactics and defined areas of high vs. low security concerns are combined with convenience for passengers and transport.

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Maritime Security


Piracy has become a major international concern for maritime trade. Applicants are trained extensively in how to deal with the types of threats presented by modern piracy, including the latest techniques in Vessel Rick Assessment (VRA), Krav Maga hand-to-hand combat training, emergency tactical drills, and operational boat handling.

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GSTS personnel are highly proficient with all types of firearms, and can provide extensive training on the use, maintenance, and repair of many modern military small arms.

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Extrication and Rescue


Applicants learn to conduct search and rescue operations in the most dangerous and complicated areas, from forests and jungles, to canyons and deep sea. The use of helicopters in moving the wounded is taught as well as evacuation operations under hostile fire and dangerous environmental conditions.

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Explosives and Bomb Disposal


Bombs and explosive devices are some of the most common tools used by terrorists. Training emphasizes effective methods of prevention and procedures for identifying, handling, neutralizing, and disposing of explosives.

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Intelligence Gathering and Technology


Providing the latest in intelligence gathering technology, GSTS offers services that can meet modern communication and visual intelligence demands. Services include concealed and unconcealed cameras and microphones, spy software for cell phones, encryption, signal jammers, and satellite communication systems.

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Medical Training


First responders are often the difference between life and death. Medical personnel can be instructed in combat tactics and how medical treatment should be undertaken in the field, with the potentially long lag time between injury and hospital treatment. Training includes medical preparations before missions, the equipment and function of the medical team, surgeries in the field, evacuation, trauma care in remote location, and care when under fire.

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Working with Canines


K-9 dog units have been shown to be a valuable tool in providing security and protection against international terrorism. They are able to function as parts of attack units, as sniffers to discover dangerous substances such as drugs, explosives, and hazardous chemicals, and as rescue units when responding to natural disasters.

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Personal Protection


A variety of methods exist in VIP (Very Important Person) protection. These include exposed methods where an area of deterrence is created around the VIP, keeping any potential attackers from their target. Also available are undercover protection methods where the security detail is concealed or unidentifiable, allowing the VIP greater personal freedom and mobility.

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Surveillance & Counter-Surveillance


GSTS offers expert training in techniques for executing and avoiding surveillance. The course teaches all types of surveillance (fixed, technical, discreet, mobile, controlled delivery & cold delivery), how to perform controlled visits, how to recognize effective surveillance points, and different ways to escape surveillance detection and monitoring.

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Special Forces & Commando Training


Special Forces (SF) and commando units are the avant garde of any professional military. Some of the most well trained military personnel, special forces soldiers are able to work in small, independent groups behind enemy lines and are trained to handle any situation. GSTS offers training and consultation to create these elite troops, whose skillsets include: survival, sabotage, interdiction, navigation, stealth movement, navigation, firearm techniques, hostage rescue, and other dangerous missions.

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Guerilla Warfare


Guerilla fighting is the ultimate expression of asymmetrical warfare. Soldiers and security experts trained in these techniques know what to expect from insurgent tactics and how to utilize such tactics themselves when at a numerical and material disadvantage. Complicated terrain such as forests, deserts, and jungles make specialized guerilla training a necessity. GSTS offers expert training on all aspects of guerilla warfare, including: ambushes, small team operation, assault tactics, navigation, urban combat, sabotage, booby traps, camouflage, interdiction, and force projection.